Game Update. Also, Smores!

It’s been a while since I’ve talked about the games I’m playing, so let’s do just that!

LotRO: Things are good. I rejoined my original Landroval guild, Mar Vanwa Tyalieva. I’ve missed them greatly and was delighted when I found that the guild atmosphere is just as great as it was when I left. MVT is one of the premiere musical kins on Landroval, typically holding weekly concerts in Bree on Saturday or Sunday nights, and they will be performing at Weatherstock 2011. They’re wonderful, fun folks and I’m so happy to be back.

In other news, Miss Paislea is up to level 58 (or extremely close to it) and finally emerged out of Moria. She’s been beating on orcs along the Mirrormere the past couple of days, and it’s SO NICE to leave that monstrous stone maze behind. I’ll eventually go back and finish up the epic storyline there, but for now I’m enjoying the build-up to Lorien. Maybe I’ll hit 65 this year!

Rift: I’ve logged into Rift a couple times this week, and managed to squeak out two more levels on my Bard. I’m really just not that motivated to play Rift at the moment, which is really odd to me. It’s a very well-done game and I thoroughly appreciate what Trion Worlds is doing with the free character transfers and everything else they’ve done to treat their customers right. But for some reason, it’s just not grabbing me. I’ve canceled my 6-month subscription for now, though I still have several months left on it. I’ll still play occasionally and give it a chance, but unless something changes soon, I doubt that I’ll renew at the 6-month point, though I wish Trion the best. No bitterness here. 🙂

Wurm Online: I decided to take a break from Wurm. Much like Minecraft, once I got my property set up and in production mode, it lost a bit of the challenge. There’s still a TON of things to do there, but most of it is very time-consuming and doesn’t really work for me while I’m playing multiple games. I’ll likely keep my maintenance paid on my property to ensure that it doesn’t get claimed by someone else, because I’d really like to go back at some point. If I do sell, I’d like it to be to someone who appreciates the time, effort, and location and will love it like I do.

Guild Wars: Whoa, blast from the past time! I bought Guild Wars waaaaay back when it first launched. At the time I was playing City of Heroes and my supergroup there decided to pick up GW as a second game. I played through pre-Searing and really enjoyed it… then I saw the Searing cutscene and it really upset me. Seriously. I got so attached to pre-Searing Ascalon that once it was gone, I was no longer interested in playing. I logged off that night and said “never again”.

Until now. With the upcoming release of Guild Wars 2, I’m interested in playing through the campaigns and seeing just what Tyria, Cantha, and Elona are all about, so I bought a Trilogy box, and started a new account. Thanks to folks on Twitter, they advised me that I could trade the mini-pets from my little played but VERY aged old account to the new one, plus I get all of the perks from the Trilogy set. So I’m starting over and rolled a ranger, Riley McGhee, and am taking her through pre-Searing right now. Going back through that area is quite nostalgic at the moment, and at least I know what to expect this time around.

Because it’s awesome, I leave you with this:

2 thoughts on “Game Update. Also, Smores!

  1. Gankalicious

    Sorry to see you’re leaving Wurm, but I understand what you mean about the challenge. I am only getting my place in order now, and once it is somewhat set-up I am going to leave my alt in charge and travel the Wurm-world to see what is out there. I shall be sure to stop in at Cherry Glade and prune what needs pruning, and ensure the place is in good order 🙂

    If you need someone to take care of your animals let me know- I hate to see ‘starving’ anything, especially in pens! In-game name the same.

    Happy Gaming.

    1. Moxie

      Thank you sir! I actually gave away my horses to some neighbors last time I logged in. I think I still have 3 cows, but the grass in their pen *should* regenerate faster than they can eat it, so they’ll be okay.

      Have fun in Wurm though! It’s insanely fun and addicting… If I didn’t have two other games going at the same time I’d probably still be playing regularly. 🙂


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