Nost na Lothion 2011

Tonight on Landroval, Mar Vanwa Tyalieva celebrated Nost na Lothion, or The Birth of Flowers, with a party in Celondim. Songs were played, tales were told, riddles were solved, and there was much dancing and celebrating to be had!

Also, a quick announcement… Weatherstock 2011 will be held on June 18, from 4pm-8pm EST on Landroval! This is a HUGE player-driven event with the best Middle-Earth bands participating. Three awards will be given at the end of the evening:

Light in the Darkness: given to the band that sells the most Hope tokens that evening.

The Lonely Mountain Band Cup: given to the band judged winner by the Lonely Mountain Band (the coordinators of the event).

The Free Peoples Choice: The most desired prize, given to the band elected by the free peoples at the end of the concert!

This year we have bands participating not just from Landroval, but joining us from other NA and EU servers as well!! If you’ve never been to Weatherstock, expect 200-300 people in one location, so you’ll need to turn down your graphics and try to maximize performance before you arrive. More details on the event (including a schedule) and tips on adjusting your settings can be found on the Weatherstock Lorebook page.

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