Fashion Show Time

I took a few screenshots of a couple of my characters and their cosmetic outfits last night. I typically go for a very simple & practical approach with cosmetics. Helms and shoulders are typically turned off, and I only wear capes if it really adds something to the outfit. I’m always trying to find good color combos, though I gravitate towards rose, sea blue, purple, burgundy, white, and rivendell green most of the time.

My current hobbit battle outfit. I don’t normally like the shorter robes and hauberks, but this one I dig because of the lighter colors and feminine details. It looks minstrel-y to me… a bit flashy without being completely impractical.

Robe: Estelham

Oh yes, my hobbit IS wearing shoes. She goes without shoes for parties/concerts/events, and when in the Shire. But outside of the Shire she just doesn’t know what’s out there, so shoes go on. It’s a good thing too… goblin camps are nasty places.

Here, my lowbie champion is wearing a couple of pieces that aren’t designed to go together, but blend fairly decently. The top and bottom are both dyed rose, while the boots… well the boots don’t really go, but I didn’t find anything I liked better. For now we’ll just call her Napoleon Dynamite.

Chest: Dwarf Padded Vest of Vigour, dyed Rose.

Legs: Heavy Dwarf-Make Skirmisher’s Leggings, dyed Rose.

Boots: Ragged Leather Boots

And here’s the outfit I wore for Nost na Lothion last night. I went with the Elf-Queen’s Dress, it seemed appropriate. Interesting thing about this dress is that it does not dye into brilliant colors, it only dyes into pastels. This is what the dress looks like dyed red, it’s actually a nice pink color. Since we were celebrating flowers, I added the White Rose Circlet, which goes with just about any of the fancier dresses in-game.

Dress: Elf-Queen’s Dress, dyed Red.

Head: White Rose Circlet

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