More WURM Goodness

If you’re thinking about playing Wurm, check out What is Wurm Online? by Faeldray over at Lair of the Wolf Dragon. She’s got more good insight to the game and on her experiences starting out as a new player.

Another good player resource is The Adventures of Surviverman. It’s a 30-day game diary by an experienced Wurm player who decided to roll a new character from scratch, destroy all his starter tools & equipment, and see how he could survive on his own, with no gifts or help from anyone else. He’s got some great stories, so you’ll want to start at Day 1 and go through the series in order.

2 thoughts on “More WURM Goodness

  1. Greystorm

    Tried it, downloaded it, it was trying to update but errored out galore. tried on anothre machine , same deal. after awhile foudn out that it will not run on Windows 7, ouch!


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