Wurm Server Update

Looks like a new server update was pushed out this morning! The changes were primarily technical changes made to the client & server, but Rolf also addressed some animal cap issues as well as some bug fixes.

  • The client and server has been updated. This should solve a lot of problems and cause very few new ones.
  • The biggest changes are on the client which no longer uses JOGL, but instead only LWJGL.
  • Major changes on the server:
  • Movement code changed which should cause less disembarking.
  • Creature spawning now has two pools where 50% is reserved for aggressive animals and 50% for non-aggressive. This should even out over time. In the next update, creatures older than approximately 6 months will start dying unless they are on deed, loyal or ridden. Uniques, humans and guards are not affected.
  • There are lots of small bugfixes such as with meditation and artifact recharging.

More Details:

  • Lots of bug fixes and performance improvements.
  • Direct LWJGL is now the only renderer, replacing JOGL and indirect LWJGL.
  • Upgrade to LWJGL 2.6.
  • Added ‘resize’ console command to resize the window.
  • New window icons.
  • Support for binding mouse buttons (apart from LMB and RMB).
  • Use pbuffers for offscreen rendering if FBO is not available. This makes it possible to use terrain and reflection textures larger than the window, should you want to.
    Disable Pbuffer support in the compatibility tab if rendering performance with pbuffers is too low.
  • BUTCHER and BURY keybinds.
  • Add options window for changing options without going via the console.
  • “Toggle spacing” option for fight window.
  • Option to mark text as read in the chat windows.
  • Creatures are now rotating according to terrain slopes.
  • Support for visible fence and wall decay.
  • Cart wheels are now animated.
  • Less smoke in caves.
  • The selected tab will now blink on activity if the tab group is minimized.
  • Support for loading Collada models.
  • Add support for new outline of players who are on your friends list.
  • Support for coloring player names in chat name lists (local, village) according to their outline – if they are in your local. This is applied for friends, villagers and allies, and GMs.
  • Option to disable caching of decoded sounds – use it if you’re really low on memory and rather want to get sounds read from disk and decoded every time they play.
  • Options to disable crafting/work, combat, emote and door sounds. Those can also be changed with the ingame settings GUI.
  • Display Local list in Combat tab as well if it’s moved to the event window.
  • At high mining skill, the tooltip shows if cave floors are flat.
  • Improved JPEG screenshot quality.
  • Added an option to disable fire and smoke.
  • Rain turns to snow in winter.
  • Spell effects for Fire Pillar, Fungus trap and Ice pillar
  • Improved compass and tool belt.
  • Fixed music being played in software sound engine even when turned off in settings.
  • Added ambient sound for fires.
  • Carts now produce sound when dragged or driven.
  • Added flying arrows.
  • Added keyboard layout setting (in the text tab) to enable non-latin1 input on Windows systems.
  • Fixed player footsteps being played while riding.
  • Clouds now have an effect on ambient light.

    The creature spawning having two pools is a welcome change. In Wurm, players can tame, capture, and collect animals, and certain species can be bred to produce more animals, most notably horses which are used for mounts and to pull wagons. Because there was only one creature cap, the more animals that breeders produced, the fewer aggressive creatures would spawn on the server. This change should increase the number of aggressive creatures, and provide more good prey for hunters and combat-minded folks.

    The one concern that I have with the cap is that because of breeders, servers could reach the non-aggro cap too quickly, thus preventing future breeding by anyone until some of those older animals die. Rolf mentioned in a post earlier today that if this change doesn’t keep the non-aggro population in check, further changes would be made.

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