Rift Beta 6 PvE/PvP Overlap Update

For the past few days there has been a storm brewing on the Rift forums: the overlap between PvE and PvP on PvE servers. Some players felt that the game was designed to allow and even encourage PvP griefing on PvE servers, and wanted NPCs to be unattackable to the opposing faction. Other players felt the servers were fine as-is, and wanted to keep the option of world PvP on PvE servers.

Well folks, Trion heard the pleas of both sides, and tonight Zann released the details of changes made to Beta 6 to address these concerns:

Hi, everyone.

One of the things that got a lot of testing during the most recent beta was the amount of PvP and PvE overlap that people would be experiencing on both PvP and PvE servers. If you played through Scarlet Gorge, you know that’s a great place to see how social dynamics play out.

We like the idea of PvE people being able to progress as they expect, and we also like the idea of PvP objectives for those who choose to take part.

Fortunately, both of those activities have a place in Rift.

For PvE content: We’ll be implementing some changes to PvE quest areas to lower the likelihood of griefing via blocking the opposing side’s PvE progression.

• Wardstones in Quest Camps aren’t supposed to be attackable targets, or provide rewards for defeating them. The rewards on those were a bug that’s been addressed. Those are part of the PvE land control game of rifts and invasions.

• Guard AI behavior was a little less smart than it should have been. We’re improving it such that guards behave much more like an NPC bearing that name would be expected to.

• Guards in PvE areas will prove to be considerably more challenging vs. player targets. They still provide a similar challenge to PvE invasions, but now will be much harder in PvP. We’ll be tuning this over time. Expect to see some first balance out during the next beta.

• The Porticulum Masters in particular have enlisted the help of the Portal Defense Force. When they’re attacked in PvP, you can expect them to put out a call for help over the planar Porticulum network.

For PvP gameplay:

• Expect additional PvP takeover areas across Telara. There are differently-themed, cool-looking wardstones clearly displayed as PvP targets, down to the faction inscriptions on the side. You can see examples of these PvP objectives in Scarlet Gorge.

• To help out with the spawn camping that was occurring in the shared world, Peace of the Grave (the buff granted when choosing to respawn in a graveyard) will now protect you from PvP attacks for 30 seconds, or until you take your first offensive action.

We do enjoy being able to provide gameplay for people who are fans of both types of activities.

At the places where those interests cross over into griefing in one direction or the other, please do expect us to continue tuning to ensure that the griefing potential is kept to a minimum.

– The RIFT Development Team

These changes look like they’ll go a long way in appeasing both sides. I particularly like that Porticulum Masters will be able to call for back-up, and that they’re also adding additional PvP-only takeover points across Telara. They’re adding a little something extra for both PvE and PvP, while at the same time lowering the chances that the two styles of play will overlap or interfere with each other.

More importantly though, this is a perfect example of a game company listening to the feedback of their customers and developing solutions that aren’t heavy-handed, unbalanced, or contrary to the overall game design. This is exactly what players have come to expect from Trion, and as long as they continue addressing issues in this way, they’ll continue to grow a very loyal customer base.

3 thoughts on “Rift Beta 6 PvE/PvP Overlap Update

  1. pasmith

    Sounds good to me. I’ll most probably roll on a PvE server but I actually enjoy open world PvP from time to time. Back in the day, back in Vanilla WoW, before Blizzard turned PvP into an E-sport, there’d be open-world PvP between the two sides just for the sheer fun of doing it. The Horde would attack an Alliance town, Alliance would respond and battle would be waged.

    It was fun to take part in and really easy to avoid if you weren’t interested or got tired of it. I’m hoping Rift brings that feel back to MMO gaming.

    1. Moxie

      Totally agree! I remember the Tarren Mill/Southshore open-world PvP battles. They were epic, even on PvE servers. I’m pretty much a PvE-only player myself, but I always loved jumping into the fray during those huge mass battles, even if it meant I got one-shotted by a level 60.

      It sounds like they’re making it more difficult for open-world PvP on PvE servers, but not impossible, which is fine as long as people have the option to participate or not.

  2. Jaedia

    I for one really like the idea that if you want to PvP, you can, nothing stopping you, but if you would rather not, you can easily avoid it. I hope these changes make that possible because it is important to me as a gamer that you’re given the choice to opt out if you wish to. I think it’s brilliant that they seem to be listening to the playerbase! Hopefully they continue doing that.


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