So I’m about 3 years late to the party, but after years of false-starts, sporadic gameplay, 3 different mains, and many, many orcs killed… my hobbit minstrel, Paislea, is finally level 50! Not only that, but she dinged while doing one of the neatest lore-geek quests in the game…

Saving Bill the Pony!

I’ve really enjoyed Eregion, after spending way too long shuttling between the volcanic ashy-ness of Angmar and the all-too-realistic-this-time-of-year Misty Mountains, it was nice to see a pretty GREEN zone again. Some guildies had actually recommended that I wait until level 50 to start Eregion, but I zoomed through the quests there with no problems… even the signature mobs weren’t that difficult. I love how lore-rich the zone is, and how they put you on the trail of the Fellowship during your time there.

And best of all…

they have Nighttime Rainbows! All across the sky!! What does it meeeeeean???

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