Question of the Day

Suggested by a pal: Suppose WoW had frozen their leveling system back in Classic at level 60, and the expansions didn’t have additional levels, but still had all of the additional content, quests, gear upgrades, tougher instances, and so on?

I wonder what that game would look like?

2 thoughts on “Question of the Day

  1. mmmGamer

    I think Cataclysm could have been released without leveling and I would have still enjoyed it because even after 85, I’m working on completing all the quests. They seem less tedious than they used to and the story lines are more refined so I don’t mind not leveling from them. Most importantly, we get our sens of progression diferently now with the phasing. The game world changes, the story evolves etc… We didnt’ have that before therefore, our sens of progression was given by leveling.

    However, Guild Wars stopped at level 20 (don’t know if the increased the cap or not) and that was a turn off to a lot of players… Great question!

  2. Wowzers

    If they capped it at 60 then that would totally have been a turn off. All of the new content, quests, and such would be nice, but it wouldn’t be as fun and a lot of people would reach level cap more quickly as well.


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