Cataclysm Randomness

My head is spinning a bit from all the Cataclysm craziness, so today, just a few interesting screenshots plucked out of my folder. I think it’s a pretty good summation of the first couple of days.

Doing a quick flyover of Deathwing and Ragnaros. Deathwing is enormous!

Ysera, the green dragon aspect, in her human form. At least she’s a bit more covered up than her scarlet sister.

Awww… lookie at the little elfin rabbit! It’s it cute?

I’m so sorry little elfin rabbit. You see, my guild wants Armadillo mini-pets, and to get those we have to kill 50,000 critters. You just happen to be a critter, but know that you didn’t die in vain.

I’m so glad to see that he’s locked up now. I always hated that guy. Such a jerk.

Herding worgen… the bad ones. Loved this quest!

OMGOSH! It’s a reference to my favorite movie ever… Zoolander! Hope those guys have good eugooglies planned.

HAHAHAHA… yeah, no. Pretty sure this was a joke anyway.

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