Less than 24 Hours!

We’re less than 24 hours away from Cataclysm as of now, and to be honest, it’s kind of a weird feeling. The hype and anticipation leading up to the launch of any new game (even if it’s just an expansion pack) is always fun. As an adult there just aren’t that many things that get me really oh-my-gosh-it’s-the-night-before-Christmas excited anymore. Game releases definitely rank right up there though.

So what have I done to prepare?

Not much. I guess I’m on Team Unorganized.

I’m on the East Coast, so Cataclysm won’t even be available for me until 3am. Plus I ordered the Collectors Edition, which will be arriving from Amazon “sometime” tomorrow, so it’s not like I’ll be one of the first people in the new zones or anything. Server firsts are out of the question. Although, one of my guildies is going for Server First Gilneas Worgen. I know, they took the achievement for realm firsts out. But he spent months preparing for this before they took the achievement out, and I think he really loves the adrenaline rush of doing it (he was Server First Death Knight in WotLK), so he’s going to do it anyway for kicks and giggles. We’re all cheering him on!

My plan, however, is much more simple: train flying, go straight to Hyjal, and start herbing/mining. And yes, selling those herbs and ores for whatever the market price is those first few days. I figure that it’ll let the first initial rush of players go by plus it’ll make me some much needed gold for later.

Betsea will be my first to go to 85. Although my mage will likely be a close second. For some reason I’m getting interested in her again, and so she may become my primary alt. I’ll be transferring my horde priest back to the server and changing her into a goblin, and she’ll likely be my only horde character.

I also have a Worgen warlock planned, which I hope to roleplay a bit. I’m thinking that she may actually be played as more of a witch… I have no interest in demons but spells, afflictions, and fire stuff might be kind of interesting! I went riding through Gilneas yesterday, even though it’s currently empty, and I have to say that Blizzard really nailed the Sweeney Todd/Sleepy Hollow feeling in Gilneas. The music is excellent, some of the themes reminded me of that creepy organ music in Karazhan.

Tomorrow will be fun! It’s a big day in more than one regard, and I’ll post about that tomorrow! So until then… may your drink cup be full, your pizza be hot and delicious, and your internet connection stable and speedy. See you on the flip side!

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