So You Want to Recruit, Eh? Part 1

A while back I wrote an article about guild recruitment and the various methods that you can use to recruit for WoW guilds. As is usually the case, there was so much more that I wanted to say about guild recruitment, but I restrained myself for space and clarity. I’d like to re-visit that topic and discuss something that I touched upon…

How do you write a good guild recruitment message that will get responses?

Unfortunately, there’s no one good formula for guild recruitment messages. If your guild message looks like this:

Knights of The Azerothian Hamster are recruiting all classes, all races, all levels! We are a fun, friendly, mature guild with 5 bank tabs, a tabard, and a website! PST for more info!

… then you’re doing it wrong. Most all guilds would need to be “fun” and “friendly” to even exist, and having 5 bank tabs, a tabard, and a website are all pretty standard these days.

So! Before you even start making that macro to spam Trade Chat or start writing that recruitment post on the realm forums, you need to plan a bit first. Ask yourself three questions, and answer them honestly:

What kind of guild are you? Are you a raiding guild? A PvP guild? A Role-Play guild? A leveling guild? A social guild? A little-bit-of-everything guild? An achievement guild? A friends-and-family guild? The best guilds are those that have a clear goal, direction or purpose. It’s impossible to be all things to all people, and if you try you’ll likely be setting yourself up for failure. But it’s very possible to be very good at one or two things. If you want to be a guild that raids on a casual schedule, that’s fine! If you’re a leveling guild that focuses on running dungeons at level and group questing, excellent! If you’re a hardcore PvP guild that runs rated battlegrounds and arenas, that works too!

But whatever you are, you need to have a purpose in mind, and you need to be able to communicate that clearly in your guild recruitment message.

What kind of members do you want to recruit? I’ll say this up front: As a GM/Recruitment Officer, there’s a certain amount of pickiness that you certainly want to have, whatever your goal. You want to recruit players that will:

  • help the guild further it’s goals, AND
  • will blend with the existing guild culture.

This is key when you’re building a guild to be stable, healthy, and have low turnover. I think we’ve all been in guilds where things were rolling along just fine and suddenly a new member comes along and starts causing issues. It usually boils down to one of two things: either they have different goals/expectations, or their personality is clashing with other guild members.

Look at your current members first. Are they a laid-back bunch? Then recruiting driven, aggressive players will likely not go over well. Do you have hardcore players that love the numbers game and scoff at fluff items? Then recruiting pet collectors might be a bad idea. Are they a rowdy crew with R-rated guild chat? Then you may want to warn people about that up front so that you don’t get new recruits that are offended and leaving in a huff 5 minutes after they’ve been invited. Are most of your members in high school and college? Or maybe they’re all older adults? Always remember that every guild has a culture of it’s own, and you need to recruit with that in mind.

You don’t want to attract just any people. You want to attract the right people.

What is unique about your guild? If you say “tabard”, “website”, or “bank tabs”… Wrong Answer! Think about this one for a bit, because the correct answer could be just about anything else. Have you been around for years? Are you the only guild on your server with an insane amount of female dwarf rogues? Do you have a guild culture of squirrel-worship? Do you have a YouTube channel? Is your guild role-play centered around a specific faction, race, or class? Do you have weekly silly game nights? Are you known for server-firsts? Do you have more than 10 guildies with the Insane title? Are you lore and story geeks? Are you all members of the Armed Forces? Are most of your members from Albuquerque?

Give people a reason to be interested in your guild. Be unique! Most everybody has something silly and/or interesting about their guild. Take advantage of it.

Once you have those three questions answered, you should start to see a pretty clear picture of who and what your guild is, and it’ll make writing that recruitment message much easier.

Next time: What every guild recruitment message should include!

2 thoughts on “So You Want to Recruit, Eh? Part 1

  1. Saga

    Really nice post!

    I always sort of roll my eyes when I read the “we have a tabard” line. It’s like.. oh yeah I’m sure no one else has *that*!

    Looking forward to reading the next piece đŸ™‚

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