Where Will You Be?

Rumor on the street is that The Shattering will happen tomorrow, due to tomorrow being the 6th Anniversary of WoW, plus extended maintenance. Oh, and MMO-Champion said so.

I would have had some of the screenshots that I’ve taken from various places in the old world today, but I was called out of town unexpectedly on business and don’t have access to the PC that those screenshots are on. So, instead of that I’m going to take a cue from a question posed on my guild forums and ask: Where are you going to log out tonight? Are you logging out in Stormwind, Orgrimmar, or one of the other major cities? Or, from an RP perspective, where will your character be when The Shattering takes place? After the Shattering happens, what is the first thing you’ll do?

Betsea, my main, will be logging out in Thelsamar. With all of the elemental attacks happening she’s started worrying about her grandfather, Rann Flamespinner, and plans to check on him (and her cousins and other extended family) there. She’ll see the breaking of the Stonewrought Dam and the emptying of the Loch (her childhood play place) as it happens.

Chixie, my mage, will be logging out in Dalaran. It’s appropriate since she is a mage, plus she won’t have any problems porting whereever she needs to go. I’m really just leaving her there in case guildies or other folks need ports out of the city.

Soleile, the druid, will log out in the Park in Stormwind. I doubt that she’ll still be there when I log her back in, but I think it’s fitting.

And as for my plans tomorrow?

I’m going to create the Human Hunter I’ve been looking forward to for so long, and start questing/leveling. I’m purposefully trying to avoid riding around on my main and checking out all the changes to the old world… I’d rather see them fresh as I level each of my alts.

2 thoughts on “Where Will You Be?

  1. Skulfrak

    Tonight, I’ll take all of my characters and move them from Dalaran to Orgrimmar or Stormwind. They’ll take one last look at the place that’s been so familiar for the past 6 years and come out tomorrow to re-discover and explore the new face of Azeroth. I’m very excited to see all of the new areas, but at the same time, I’m a little sad that I won’t ever see some of these places again as they were.

  2. Saga

    I have to admit I was very boring and just stuck most of my characters in Ironforge or Stormwind. Except for the two that are left at the Argent Tournament grounds grinding me marks for mounts/pets 🙂


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