BlizzCon Fun

Since I’m on the East Coast and not independently wealthy, going to BlizzCon unfortunately isn’t an option for me. Which is fine, really, since they have the Internet Stream/DirectTV package available for $40. Sure, it would be insanely fun to actually go to the conference and see the developers and just feel the general energy and excitement, but there’s also something to be said for being able to stay in the comfort of my own home, playing WoW, doing housework, or working (ha!) while watching the live stream.

Last year my husband actually took the day off from work to watch the stream with me, and it was a ton of fun. We ordered in food, played WoW, and waited in excitement for the announcement of WoW’s next expansion. Of course, at that point in time the expansion had been leaked by MMO-Champion, so it was just a matter of finding out if they were correct or not, which they were. What surprised us most was the enjoyment we got out of watching the costume/dance contests. It was great fun to see the creativity and craziness of Blizzard fans, and we’re looking forward to that again this year.

This year the husband is working, but I’ll be keeping him updated via IM once the Opening Ceremonies start. I’m particularly excited about the panels, especially two of the areas that we don’t hear a lot about but that Blizzard does particularly well: the Quest & Lore panel and the Music panel.

Blizzard usually has something interesting up their sleeve for BlizzCon. This year I think most folks are wondering if we’ll hear something about the new games they’re developing, including the new MMO. That would send the game world into a tizzy for sure, but I think this year is really going to belong to Diablo news, plus more info and getting players amped up about Cataclysm.

My random guess/hope for what we might see is a longer cinematic for Cataclysm; something much longer and more in-depth than what they released earlier this week. The Shattering is a prime opportunity for Blizzard to show off their CGI skills and really show players the changing of the world. I know I wasn’t the only one who loved seeing some of my favorite game areas rendered realistically… and then got a knot in my stomach as they were destroyed.

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