There’s no Add-ons like… no Add-ons.

I’ve done it. Oh yes I have.

Gearscore is now… uninstalled. /cheer!

I’ve also uninstalled the following add-ons:

  • MikScrollingBattleText
  • SexyMap
  • SlyProfits
  • Forte (and all it’s associated modules)
  • kgPanels
  • ButtonFacade
  • Prat
  • Deadly Boss Mods
  • FuBar and it’s assorted modules (MoneyFu, DurabilityFu, GuildFu, etc)

Basically anything that serves no real function or offers far more functionality than I need was culled.

For now, I’m keeping the following mods:

I love this mod. It’s the easiest and most intuitive bar mod that I’ve seen, and the ability to move/resize all the bars is invaluable. I particularly like the fade option for the bars with my heals, they stay out of view until I absolutely need them.

A lighterweight Auction House mod than the old favorite Auctioneer, it’s not as inflated as Auctioneer due to the fact that it scans items only as you search. You get much less lag with Auctionator, so it’s a keeper.

Shadowed Unit Frames:
I actually was going to try to go with the default unit frames, but I couldn’t do it, mostly because they cannot be moved around the screen. Of all the various unit frame add-ons out there, Shadowed is my favorite. Again, it’s simple, super-lightweight, easy to configure, and doesn’t have a million extra modules eating up memory.

I have to have an all-in-one bag. Enough said.

I love this mod, particularly if I’m doing heavy Auction House activity. It allows you to pull all incoming mail, items, and gold with one click, rather than individually clicking each item.

This replaced my old FuBar and MoneyFu combo. It’s a small button attached to your mini-map, and when you click on it, it opens a separate window with all of your profits and expenditures broken out by category. It’ll also show how much you’ve made by Session, Day, and Week, and how much gold you have across all your characters. It’s a seriously fantastic add-on, and one that I wouldn’t want to do without.

This is the other must-have add-on in my arsenal. It’s a huge timesaver as it lets me see my alt’s professions, banks, guild banks, profession windows of guild mates, any alts that have mail that’s about to expire, and so, so much more. If you are serious about alts, you need this add-on.

There are three more add-ons that are currently on the chopping block, waiting for a decision: Decursive, Recount, and Carbonite. Decursive is useful in some situations, I’m just not sure how often I’ll actually use it. Recount is helpful for spotting problems with DPS, but considering how I’m wanting to shift away from over-analyzation and competitiveness, it might be better to cut it. I like Carbonite’s quest tracker better than the Blizzard version, but overall, it’s probably bulkier than it’s worth.

3 thoughts on “There’s no Add-ons like… no Add-ons.

  1. manorton

    Good for you. I am in the process of pruning mine down as well. I did play on the PTR tonight and got to do WG 4 times with GM's. And I had 0 mods. And it was kind of nice.One thing I would mention to help your list, and this one will hurt, Auctioneer. Its dead now. Bulk posting has been taken away.I think I am going to stay with Bartender, Baggnon and Pitbull4. And the best thing you can do is get rid of Carbonite 😛 A good, and smaller, replacement for Recount is Skada, its not only a DPS meter but more importantly, a threat meter, all in one.I have also been thinking about dropping decursive. The only real reason I use it now is the sound it makes, I use qlick to assign my healing and decrusive commends these days so I can just make a better visual warning with PB4.Oh, and I do still need Chatter and WIM 🙂

  2. Moxie

    I saw that they've been having issues with Auctioneer and Quick Auctions. I haven't heard how it affects Auctionator, although I wouldn't be surprised if it was dead too now. Still, I think I can live with that.Carbonite just encourages bad habits, so yes, I'm sure it'll likely be getting cut.I tried Skada, but we were having issues with its reliability. We found that even though several of us were running it, our numbers were all over the board and usually completely different. Recount seems to be more uniform. I don't think anybody I run with really uses a threat meter anymore, since Blizzard implemented that functionality.Two of my guildies are in the beta, and they've mentioned how nice and almost freeing it is to play with no add-ons. That's part of what inspired me to cut down on my own mod collection. Not to mention that most mods will be broken or bugged during those transistion days/weeks. 🙂

  3. Saga

    I have to admit, I'd never play without Boss Mods of some kind. While I'm sure I can see what's going on without them (and have in the past) I rather have them there as a safe net since I really really don't want to be the person who misses something and wipes the raid *lol*For other add-ons I'm waiting for now, I figured I'd do a complete over-haul when Cataclysm launches since 99% of the add-ons will probably break then anyway 🙂


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