December 7!

Blizzard has officially announced that Azeroth’s day of infamy will also be December 7. It’s good to finally have a release date. Now we can stop guessing, folks can start arranging to take time off, and there’s a definite “finish line” for Wrath of the Lich King.

I’ve been giving a lot of thought about my goals for Cataclysm. Towards the end of TBC, I decided that I wanted to join a raiding guild and start raiding in Wrath of the Lich King, despite the fact that I had never really enjoyed raiding in the past. That lasted for about 2-3 months after Wrath launched, then I left my raiding guild for a casual guild. While they also raid on occasion, the intensity of the raids has always varied according to guild interest.

Anyways, this time around, I’m going to be true to myself and my playstyle. I’m done with raiding. I’ll still happily do 5-mans (but not every night), questing, exploration, reputations, RP, collecting, and crafting. Archaeology is what I’m most looking forward to, and it sounds like it will be right up my alley. I’m still mourning the loss of Path of the Titans, but it’s understandable if that concept didn’t work out. I have at least 2 alts to level during Cataclysm, and there’s a possibility that number might go up to 3. So there will be no shortage of things to do.

I still need to clean out my banks/bank alts, get crafting supplies together and sorted, make bags, and so on. I also think now would be a really good time to clean out my add-ons. There’s a good number of add-ons that I likely won’t need anymore, so may as well clean those up as well.

I’m working on getting Netherwing reputation on Betsea, 3 years late! I just had never gotten around to doing it before, although admittedly it’s much easier now considering that there is zero competition for eggs, ore, and mobs. It’s a good mini-goal to get while we’re still in waiting mode.

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