I feel like I’m coming down with something, folks, and that something is Alt-itis.

Not that this is an acute or new condition… nay, I’ve had it before, so I’m pretty sure that it will always be with me. It always starts out innocently. I have one definite class that I want to have as my main, so I roll it up and start playing that. Then I think of one, maybe two other classes that sound interesting, and roll those up. Eventually when I hit a wall with my main, I move to one of the alts to give myself a break.

Then it gets crazy.

See, I can’t just roll alts. Nope, my OCD requires that I have one of each race, unless a particular race is so abhorrent to me that I just can’t tolerate them. In WoW, it’s humans… for some reason, I just can’t bring myself to play one. In LotRO, it’s dwarves, since dwarves can’t be distinctly female (I know, it’s for lore reasons, I understand. Still not rolling one). Then, not only that, but they must all have different hair colors. And eye colors, if available. In a game like LotRO, I have to have the blondes/brunettes/redheads balanced in equal numbers, and keep a roughly equal amount of each race. Right now I’m up to 2 hobbits, 2 elves, and 2 humans. And, oh, their names should be at least semi-lore appropriate, the number of letters in their names should all be the same, and no two names should start with the same letter.

Then… THEN, it gets even worse: I assign professions to each one, according to lore or what I think fits with that class/race. If I play an alt and don’t care for it, then that leaves me with an empty profession, which means that all of the other character’s professions might have to be shifted to make up for it, costing me time and currency.

Yes, it’s a sickness. I have a fever, send more cowbell.

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