Where in the World is… Moxie!?


Time for an update!

In the World of Warcraft: The guild that I’m in, Thunderbrew Guard, has had an amazing few months. We celebrated our 4th anniversary on June 19, with shout-outs on WoW.com and the Casual Warcrafting podcast, and had a big blow-out celebration with cuzzin’ Grimbooze Thunderbrew in Westfall, a party at the Thunderbrew Distillery in Kharanos, and hosted a nekkid Zul’Gurub run for old-times sake.

We also went on a recruiting bonanza and found some amazing new guildmates. Things are hopping these days in the guild… lots of people online, instance groups going, weekly raid quests being done and even a little light ICC action for kicks and giggles. People are really excited about the upcoming expansion and are getting ready for it… prepping heirloom items, building gold reserves, finishing out reputation grinds, and so on. After 4 years (we are one of the oldest guilds on our server), TBG is better than ever and we’re poised for more good times in the future.

Personally, I’ve not been playing a ton of WoW lately, other than checking in with the guildies and taking care of a few administrative things. I’ve got a gold supply ready and have finished out most of the reputations that I’m concerned with, so at this point, there’s not a whole lot left to do before Cataclysm. Still, I’m excited about the re-taking of Gnomeregan, whenever they decide to release that.

What HAVE I been doing? Working on a couple of real life ventures for one thing… first, a business partnership that my husband and I are working on with a friend, as well as a personal business project for myself. I finally decided to leave the corporate rat race and strike out on my own, giving myself a creative outlet and pursuing a couple of old dreams at the same time.

In the meantime when I’ve had a chance to game it’s mostly been in LotRO. Yes, LotRO again. I moved my elf Rune-Keeper from Gladden to Landroval and re-rolled my hobbit Minstrel and human Champion on Landroval, and have been making progress there. The move from Gladden to Landroval was a postive one: there’s a lot more players there, a much stronger roleplay contingent, lots of community-driven events, and a good server economy.

I also found a fantastic guild, Council of the Secret Fire, and have gotten the Rune-Keeper almost to 50, and the Minstrel to 30. My only real priorities there at the moment are leveling, crafting, and making gold… I don’t see myself ever touching end-game and actually to this point haven’t done any of the instances either. Mostly I like to farm, particularly because of the regional RP chat in the Shire, which is completely fun and relaxing. The server community on Landroval is the absolute best I’ve seen in any game, bar none.

So that’s what I’ve been into lately! I’m changing the header and the blog slightly… considering that I’ve been floating a bit between games, it just wasn’t practical to have it be devoted to any one particular game. So stay tuned!

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