Paddle Boats and Other Musings

Okay, I have to admit that the boat rides that have been added for the Love is in the Air holiday are pretty flipping sweet. They’re located in Stormwind, Darnassus, and Undercity, and once I get past the idea of taking a romantic ride down a sludge of toxic goo (in the case of Undercity), I think they really add something to the game. True, I don’t think people are going to repeatedly be riding these things all the time, but it does add to the richness of the game world in those cities. It also makes me think about the mini-games we’ve seen in WoW so far (Frogger anyone?) and I’m wondering if maybe those boats are a test or a pre-cursor to something else they’re working on either for Cataclysm or for the Mystery MMO.

I’ve almost completed Love is in the Air on my main, the dwarf priest. I’ve started it on my mage, druid, and horde priest, but we’ll see if I actually finish everything. That’s a lot of grinding to do to get all the Love Charms required… I stopped doing kill-quest dailies long ago so I’m having to re-adjust my strategies. I would love love LOVE to get the pink rocket bot mount on my main. Maybe one day. šŸ™‚

I transferred my night elf druid over to the Horde and moved her over to my horde server this week. I found that I was really struggling to get through a lot of the quests, since this will be my fourth 80 and I’ve done the same content so. many. times. Now I have a fresh perspective and it’s great to be able to see the content from the other side. I’m working my way towards the Wrathgate and I’m excited to see how that will play out.

There is one problem I’m having though: making the transition from Alliance to Horde, as far as actually BEING Horde. I’ve gotten so used to seeing the Horde as the “bad guys”, that now playing on that side I keep feeling a bit… evil. Granted, the Tauren are about as good of a race as you can get. But questing in the Forsaken quest hubs (Venomspite, I’m looking at you) just feels wrong somehow. I’m sure I’ll get over it and eventually I’ll look at both sides equally, but in the meantime it feels like wearing your shoes on the wrong feet.

2 thoughts on “Paddle Boats and Other Musings

  1. manorton

    šŸ™‚ You do get over it, and once you hit Wrath Gate Horde side you will go WOW O.o You know me, alliance from the start baby! But yet bow whenever I try to play an alliance toon I feel like I am surrounded by the kids in the school yard. It probably helps that I am playing on ER with AIE, so the community is a lot richer. Found a great raiding group to run with and have been having a blast just playing again.Ok, so yea, fighting the bordem, knowing what you mean about leveling blues. I currently have 2 70+ on ER with my pally and lock already there. 5 80's all together with the possibility of having 7 if I would focus. For example, I leveled a priest to 74, yes me! Disc is pretty fun but I ran out of uhmp. I leveled a twink rogue to 62 all in BG's (that was fun) but am now out of the bracket that is fun. Cant stand leveling the priest but need a healer, NO WAY I can transfer Paravel over. I am sorry, she cant become a cow, WAY to much back story and stuff with her, she is better retired, sooo I had started a druid with Tan when we started playing over here again. He is now 33, decked in BOA's and will be my healer.After all that I meant to ask, what server are you on Horde side? I know you mentioned coming to AIE, is that still in the cards? It would ROCK to run quests and instances with you again :)Mike

  2. Moxie

    I'm playing Horde on Ghostlands at the moment with some folks I know. I have too many friends spread across too many servers, and I want to play with them all! That said, I might be able to swing something with AIE in the future. šŸ™‚


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