Blue Moon-kin

Good morning starshine!
The earth says hello!

You twinkle above us,
We twinkle below!

After taking a break from my Alliance server to try playing a baby orc shaman for a while, I went back to my night elf druid refreshed and rejuvenated. I had been playing her in a kitty spec this entire time, not really trying out the other talent trees at all, because, really, it’s just so much fun being a cat! But I was burning out, and it didn’t feel like the kitty’s damage was scaling very well with her level.

When I came back, I decided to try a different spec… boomkin, moonkin, thunderchicken, whatever you want to call it. To be honest, the only thing really keeping me away from moonkin form before was a dislike of the form itself and the desire to do something other than ranged casting DPS. But after trying it I have to say… it’s actually really fun. I don’t have Eclipse yet, so I’m still missing out on that mechanic, but I’m digging the DoTs and the Nature/Arcane-based damage. The most difficult part has been trying to find affordable AH greens (seriously people, 75+ gold for a lvl 64 leather casting chestpiece?), but even with a mix of spellpower and attack power gear, her DPS is better than it was in kitty form.

I’m having to reconcile myself to the moonkin form though. I know they’re not supposed to be “pretty”. They’re big and lumbering and seem a bit clumsy, although the lore behind them suggests just the opposite. They were actually created by Elune by mixing her most favored bird, the owl, with the fierceness of a bear. These wildkin were the guardians of sacred places (there’s a nifty quest from a night elf in Winterspring regarding this) and allies of Cenarius himself. How’s that for a higher calling? Of course, some have been corrupted since then, just like anything else in Azeroth.

So right now she’s up to 66.5. I’m hoping to get her to 70 by the end of this weekend now, and then onwards to Northrend! After that, I’ll be switching back to horde for some rogue action. Muahahaha…

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