Mmmm… Tier gear!

Last night was a good WoW night. We gained a new guildmate, hosted a manhunt (one guildie hides in an undisclosed location, everyone else has to find him and stand exactly on his spot), and then had two guild groups going, one doing retro Molten Core and the other doing chain heroics. I was in the heroic group, and got my first-EVER piece of tier gear, Velen’s Handwraps of Conquest. I also manged to get the Bone Golem Scapula as an upgrade to the Titansteel Guardian that I’ve been carrying around for months. Yay!

I also managed to do a run or two as shadow, finally. Shadow Priest DPS is my favorite playstyle, but it’s also had it’s ups and downs. In Vanilla WoW, it was the leveling and PvP spec. In TBC, we suddenly became wanted in PvE because of amazing mana battery abilities. Now with the implementation of “Bring the player, not the class” in WotLK and the homogenization of mana replenishment, suddenly shadow priests found themselves in an awkward spot: Not as much DPS as other DPS classes, with very little to make up for that imbalance. We started out okay at the very beginning of WotLK, but our DPS hasn’t scaled well at all.

They’ve started taking steps to fix this problem with 3.3. Haste now affects more of our abilities, and we received several buffs to our damage. Last night was my first chance to try it out. My DPS had shot up an average of 300-500 or so from what I last remember. I wasn’t #1, but I wasn’t always dead last either, and keep in mind that I’m still almost entirely in heroic-level gear. Right now I’m quite happy with the changes, Shadow priests aren’t such a liability anymore but they’re also not insanely overpowered. And that makes for a very happy Betsea.

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