Who am I?

Hello and welcome to Battle Priestess, my World of Warcraft blog!

I’m Moxie, a 30-something married female, Starbucks addict, and passionate-but-casual WoW player. I’ve been gaming since I was a wee thing and my aunt shoved an Atari joystick into my pudgy little hands and showed me how to play Pole Position. ๐Ÿ˜‰ I’ve played MMOs since 2004, when my awesome comic-book collecting, superhero-freak hubby picked up a copy of City of Heroes on impulse. I took one look at the character creator and bought my own copy the next day! We played CoH for a year or so, until one day a supergroup (guild) member mentioned a new MMO that would be coming out and would be absolutely amazing… World of Warcraft.

Now, I had never played a Blizzard game in my life. I didn’t know the lore of Warcraft and strategy games had never been interesting to me. But we got into the open beta of WoW and were hooked instantly. It was super immersive, super fun, and we were extremely impressed with the “huge” feel of the world. We ended up rolling on the Garona server, where I made a Night Elf Priest named Jaelia. She still resides over there, as a tribute to those early days.

We tried EQ2 as well, due to half of our CoH guild going to WoW and the other half going to EQ2. We stayed there for a while, but came back to WoW because that’s where we truly had fun. Some time later, we happened across an amazing guild on a newly opened RP server, Steamwheedle Cartel, and we rerolled again to join them. This time it stuck, and I played a Dwarf Priest named Brynne. She was the first character I got to level cap in WoW, and she continues to be my main to this day, although she’s been re-named Betsea since then.

I’m a fairly casual player, mostly preferring to quest, explore, craft, and run 5-mans. I’ve dabbled in the introductory raids each expansion pack, but raiding is not a primary focus. I’m also a bit of a lore fiend, having read all the Warcraft books/manga and yes, I do read quests and in-game books as much as possible. ๐Ÿ™‚

As much as I love WoW, I’m not a completely monogamous player. I’ve also played Warhammer Online, Fallen Earth, Lord of the Rings Online, and have beta-tested several other MMOs. Sometimes it seems that taking a break from a certain game can certainly refresh your perspective and it really is good to know what other concepts and ideas are out there. Plus it allows you to see where the trends are and how the MMO industry is changing and adapting.

Anyways… there’s no telling what this blog may bring. It might be daily at times, other times it might be weekly, depending on what is going on and what I have to say. Cheers!

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